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Logic Questions

What's the missing figure?

Two students took an exam.
One of them achieved 9 marks more than the other and his marks were 56% of the sum of both of their marks.

What marks did they obtain?

What's the missing number?

Technical Skills Test

To evaluate your suitability for the different technical roles, please complete the following 25 questions.

None are trick questions and we do not expect you to get everything correct.

One point will be deducted for every minute over 30 minutes taken.
General Linux & Network Questions

When would you use "chmod 777" on a file?

What is iptables?

How would you check open/listening ports in Linux?

How would you set a service to run automatically on startup?

Which of these is not a run level in Linux?

Select all the protocols that use a 3-way handshake

How would you change kernel parameters?

What are the names for different types of MySQL replication?

During a 3-way handshake, which step is SYN-ACK?

Which one is not a method to show the routing table in Linux?

NetOps Questions

What's the highest number normally set for VID (VLAN Identifier)?

Which connectors are used for 10 Gbps interfaces?

Which of these definitions are true?

What's the smallest IPv4 subnet you can advertise in public internet?

What command (and parameters) would you use to configure a NIC in Linux to have a speed of 100Mbps at full duplex with no auto-negotiation using the command line?

3rd Line Support Questions

A customer reports poor call quality. Select possible causes?

Which of these would you use to analyse network packets?

What is the first message sent at the beginning of a voice call in SIP?

What is the last message usually sent after a successfully established voice call in SIP?

How can NATing interfere with SIP devices?

DevOps Questions

Which of these are business benefits of DevOps?

Name at least 4 tools or commands that you would use to begin investigating a Linux system struggling to serve the majority of requests sent to it

- Separate your answers with a comma and a space.

e.g. 'Item 1, Item 2, Item 3'
Name three different branching strategies using GIT

What are these terms referring to?

Swift, Neutron, Horizon

What are some success factors for CI?

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